Saturday, July 14, 2007

Smoothrock Lake -- Day Six -- Departure

Day six, early in the morning, our plane arrived to take us back to Emo. All during the loading of the plane, I was mincing around on the dock in my socks and sandals, trying not to get my feet wet. Unfortunately, the weight of the luggage, plus the three portly gentlemen (myself included) was too much for the dock's pontoons, and my whole foot was soaked by sixty degree water. Nuts!

We soon boarded the plane and were off, and this time, the pilot chose not to fly at 2,000 feet, but climbed to a staggering 9,000 feet. In the uninsulated cabin (0 degrees C in the cabin!), my wet foot quickly turned to a block of ice. I made my father run the heater the whole car-ride out of Canada, while I hung my socks out the car window to dry.

Our plane has arrived. I guess the pilot remembered where he left us.

Goodbye, Smoothrock!

Climbing quite high into the sky.

The dashboard of the De Havilland Sea Otter.

The plane landed, and Rene quickly ran out to refuel it for the next trip.

Fuel is their number one expense in the fly-in fishing business.

Our outfitters, highly recommended!

As we crossed back into the U.S., we crossed over the origin point of the Mississippi River, when it's only a wee little thing.

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