Friday, February 09, 2007

Pensacola Travel, Returning Home

Thanks to Uncle Butch and Aunt Karyn for a great dinner last night. It was fun to see everybody again after so many years. I got to see Shea and Daryl and their kids. We all went out to the beach and ate at Crabs, which was delicious, of course! (I had a blackened Mahi-Mahi and some great key lime pie for dessert.)

It was nice to see everybody before getting on the plane this morning and heading back home!

The trip back home was actually fun. The flight from Pensacola to Atlanta was serviced by Song airlines (a division of Delta). The plane was awesome. Inside, they had majorly cool entertainment systems with built in MP3 players, Dish Network television, movies, and--best of all--games. The coolest thing was that they had "pub style" trivia on the plane. You could actually play against everybody else on the plane. This was really fun, and the flight was entirely too short for my liking!

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