Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pensacola Travel, Half Day at the Beach

Dinner last night was at (guess where?) McGuire's again. The customer wanted to go there, so we all ate there again last night, and I got an enormous ribeye steak. It was really good, but way too much meat.

Then, today, Theresa, Matt and I wrapped up our meetings by lunchtime, and got to go to the beach for a half day. I was the only one brave enough to get into the water, but I didn't stay for long. The water was probably sixty degrees, and when I dove into the deep stuff and tried to swim a few yards, I felt as though I couldn't breathe. It was really cold. So, I got out just as quickly as I got in.

While Matt played with his sand castles, Theresa tried to get this photo of my muscles. (She's not very good with the camera. I need to show her where to aim it next time.)

Then, it was some sightseeing. I love taking pictures of native fauna--seagulls, pelicans and such. I couldn't get any good shots of pelicans, but I did catch a few of these birds.

Just to prove I'm not a complete perv... here's a cool picture of a Marine helicopter.

Tonight, it will be dinner with Uncle Butch and family. Look forward to some photos from dinner tonight in my last of the Pensacola series. Then, tomorrow, it's home at last!

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