Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pensacola Travel, Day Two

One nice thing about working for the Navy, is I'm always traveling to places that have beaches. Almost by definition, all of the Navy offices are in cool places like San Diego, Charleston, Pensacola, Hawaii, etc. And I get to visit a lot of them!

However, when I arrive in these balmy beach front locales, I spend the entire day inside a windowless building discussing boring computer science topics. So it's not much of a vacation, really.

After work today, I did manage to get away for an hour or so to visit nearby Pensacola Beach, out on the barrier islands in the Gulf. You could still see remnants of the recent hurricanes, but mostly now it was just rebuilding, and not much devastation left.

I did manage to get a few cool beach shots.

End of the road for today...

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