Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soccer Season is over!

The boys have finally completed the fall Soccer season, and I can have my life back! I have to say, as an assistant coach, it was a lot of fun. This was a great team of boys, perhaps the best talent I will ever see in one team. Seriously.

These boys, all eight of them, just seemed to get it. They weren't just playing the typical 'amoeba ball' (where the kids all cluster around the ball like a giant amoeba).

We'd practice passing, and they'd do it in the games. We'd practice corner kicks with men placed to put it in the goals, and they'd do it in the games. Yeah, they made their mistakes, and there were days when they were sluggish, but on the whole, these boys were confident, aggressive with the ball, coordinated and paid a lot of attention. You can't ask for anything better, and a 7-1-1 record is proof of their ability!

We were seeing games of our U7 boys playing better than U8 or even U10 boys. It was fun to watch, and amazing to coach. So, on behalf of Coach Dan and myself, thank you to Alex, Nathan, Charlie, Daniel, Dylan, Noah, Turner and Luke. You kids were awesome. Thanks also to Dan who is a very positive coach who challenges the kids in a very positive way.

It was a fun season, but I'm glad it's over. I'll finally have a Saturday to myself again!

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