Sunday, October 01, 2006

One More Kilt Photo

Here's a photo Luke took of me today... lounging around in my casual Scot's attire. This time, I'm done up properly with socks, flashes, the casual day sporran, the sgean dhu, and a nice sweater vest. It was really a very comfortable choice for lounging around the house all day.

I had intended only to get it on and get a picture or two, but then I remembered that I had to pick Eddie and Becky up from Choristers practice at church.

What the hell, I thought. I'll go get him in this.

Luke was too embarrassed to go inside with me, so he stayed in the car. I was pleased, however, upon entering, to get the wolf-whistles from most of the female members of the adult choir. (In a church, no less!)

Sophie-Ann informed me that there are actually three or four of the members of the church that wear their kilt from time to time. She encouraged me to wear it again some Sunday. I guess that's an Anglican church for you--not too uncomfortable with the whole Scottish thing.


JamesF said...

I had intended only to get it on and get a picture or two.

For a second there I thought this blog was going in a completely different direction.

Sandi said...

You know, yesterday Dad & I were talking about how much upi are beginning to look like Grandpa Guier as you get older. Somehow , I doubt that you would ever have been able to get Grandpa into a kilt. He wore his traditional "uniform his whole life - khaki work pants or cowboy trousers,a long sleeved shirt with the cuffs rolled up. He refused to wear shorts until he got active in the Boy Scouts - that was the only time he ever wore a pair of "knickers" as he called them.

Scott said...

Here is a fun article about a bekilted man.

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