Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Luke

Our "little bean" turned seven this week. I can hardly believe that he's seven! Where have our babies gone? All that's left are these big boys.

The first video is about a minute long and shows Luke blowing out the candles on his cake. Please forgive the singing: Becky had a wicked cold, and it took me til the second stanza to find the key I wanted.

This second video highlights most of Luke's present opening. I have to apologize to Nana for not getting the "magic box" (as Luke calls it) on video. Luke adores his "magic box", and it really is quite beautiful! He's keeping his most coveted Star Wars Lego action figure heads in it. (Yeah, just the heads... go figure!) Plus, your monetary gift was happily received when we took a special trip to the bank. (Just wanted to make sure you didn't feel left out in the video!)

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