Friday, October 06, 2006

Eddie's Party

Eddie was invited to a birthday party tonight--for Mary, his friend down the street. Eddie and Mary are really close. They spend hours together drawing and writing books. They keep a special spot under the stairs which they use as their studio.

Of course, Mary wanted Eddie at her party. But in all other respects, Mary is a girly-girl, and so Eddie found himself the only boy at the party.

When I showed up at nine o'clock to pick him up, all the girls were running around the room squealing madly and being chased by Eddie. Eddie was roaring at them playfully, and yelling:

"I smell girl meat! I'm going to eat me some girls!"

Then he'd tackle one of them and announce, "Medium Rare! I like them Medium Rare!"

The girls would giggle with laughter until he let them go.

It was really too funny! When he's sixteen, he'll be mortified by this memory!

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