Friday, September 15, 2006

Storytime with Eddie

I don't know what grade level this would be considered, but for "stories" tonight, Eddie insisted on reading me this (from his airplane magazine collection):

I thought it would be too hard for him, but he would not be deterred. Well, he read it, and I was impressed. There were a ton of grown up words in there: Khartoum, collapse, independence, Viscount, and subsidiary, just to name a few. He struggled with a couple of them, but plodded on and read me the whole first two pages before I called time for bed.

How many third graders are reading (and actually interested) in the struggles of a mid-African airline?? Eddie's closing remark was that he knew people in Sudan were poor, and how could he help them?

I'm proud of my boy! He's a smart and caring kid!

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