Saturday, July 22, 2006

Scotland and Iceland -- Naturalist Tour

Throughout the two weeks on Scotland and Iceland, I took many photos of the local flora and fauna. Here are some of my favorites which show the wonderful diversity of life in these places. It's so interesting to see flowers and wildlife that is very different from what we typically see at home:


Volunteer Foxglove growing from our downspout. (Foxgloves grow like dandelions in
Scotland.) Pheasant and sheep's butt in meadow. Rose in Forres. Wildflowers along train tracks near Forres. Hydrangea in Forres.

Raven Rook in Forres. Wildflowers in Aviemore. Unknown bird Lapwing in Grantown. Foxgloves (pink and white) in Aviemore. White rugosa Unknown rose (probably Rosa canina) in Aviemore.

Sheep and cattle in Grantown. Highland cattle in Grantown. Highland sheep in Grantown. Caledonian (Scotch) Pine in Glenmore. Bell heather on Cairngorm.

Wild orchid on Cairngorm. Thistle in Culloden (Scotland's national emblem). Wild orchids at Culloden. Wildflowers at Culloden. Silver birch at Aviemore.

All in Aviemore: Wild rose (possibly rugosa). Roadside lupines. Feral cat. Black bunny rabbit. Toads, frogs and local homo sapiens.

Seaweed and lichen at Eilean Donan. Perennial garden at Armadale (including unknown lilies, and very large--7 foot tall--rhubarb relative). Unknown lily (closeup). Snail at Skye Ferry. Rosebay Willowherb in Edinburgh.

All in Edinburgh, on Arthurs Seat: Bluebell (Scotland's national flower) and buttercups. Ragwort. Ladybird beetle. Swans and geese. Another type of thistle.

White rugosa Unknown rose (probably Rosa canina). Icelandic poppies (in Scotland). Geese in Edinburgh.


Alaskan lupines in Iceland. Lupine (close-up). Unknown wildflower. Wild daisies. Unknown yellow "hostas" and golden chain tree.

Wild geranium. Unknown wildflower. Unknown vetch-like plant. Goose. Icelandic poppies (in Iceland, no less!).

Wild geraniums and buttercups. Buttercup (close-up). Unknown plants (three of them).

Unknown wildflower. Wild salvia shrubs. Unknown flower. Icelandic horses. The ubiquitous dandelion. Wild hellebore.


Barry said...

Nice picture. I like the Highland cattle best.

JamesF said...


Sandi said...

Great pictures! Was that one unknown bird perhaps a grouse?

Scott said...

I've learned that the mystery bird is a Lapwing. Here's what I found out about it:

The Lapwing is fast disappearing from much of Britain's farmland, but in the Upper dale it is doing well, due to the more traditional methods of farming carried out. The male Lapwing is a clear indication that spring has arrived. Both male and female have striking black, white and green plumage with a long crest.

This makes sense, since the farm we saw it on is very traditionally maintained.

And here's a reference picture:$file/kill_lapwing.jpg

John said...

Hi, it's been very interesting to read your blog. I live in Scotland and I'm always keen to hear that visitors enjoyed their stays here!

Can I just clarify one thing though - you have one of the birds labeled as a Raven, however, it's actually a Rook - still in the same bird family as the Raven - the crows! Ravens frequent mountainous and remote land, and apart from the Tower of London you're not likely to see them in towns or cities!

Scott said...

John, thanks for the correction.

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