Friday, July 21, 2006

Scotland and Iceland -- Wrap-up

I hope you've enjoyed my Scotland and Iceland touring journal. For those who wish to read the series in order (rather than in reverse order, as Blogger is wont to do), here they are, once more:

I will have three more photologs to show, which I will put out in the coming week. I want to further highlight the two countries from three perspectives: the naturalist tour (flora and fauna), the architectural tour (buildings, bridges, etc.), and the epicurian tour (food and drink)!

Stay tuned.

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Bill & Steph said...

Hi Scott

Just finished reading your blog - what great trip you had. As you know Steph was(?) keen to go to Iceland for a long weekend but looking at the costs it would be cheaper to go to the Maldives for a fortnight!

Many thanks for the rabbit sausage recipe - and - I guess you could use the same mix to make 'Bunny Burgers'?? No that would sell to the kids?

It was a delight to have you and your family here as our guests and you know - whenever you are ready for that trip to Harris - I will be available to be your guide (I love the place).

Send us a pic of you in your kilt once it has arrived. Wear it with pride!

Best regards to all.

Bill & Steph

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