Sunday, July 23, 2006

Scotland and Iceland -- Epicurian Tour

Probably my favorite thing about traveling is the food. I love to eat, and I love to try new dishes and local fare. Here is a sampling of the food we had on this wonderful tour.


My first pint (of Tennents). Strawberry sundaes and banana splits in Forres. Bread pudding. The perfectly pulled pint, thanks to Eleanor. Ed and the mighty plate of haggis and eggs!

A beautiful fresh salad. Mutton stew. What breakfast in Scotland should be! (Can you tell it's a postcard?) Breakfast meats, black pudding, and sausages (uncooked). Wild mushroom soup and whole wheat bread.

Coffee and tea at the Mountain Cafe. Fine single malt Scotch whisky at Glen Moray. A mighty tower of haggis with neaps and tatties. Scottish beef with red cabbage. Speyside trout with prawns and lemon butter sauce.

Lamb burger with green beans, carrots, and potatoes. Lentil soup. Potato leek soup. Belhaven 80 shilling beer.


Icelandic cod with soy glaze (our first brush with Asian-inspired fusion cuisine so common in Iceland). A wonderful hot chocolate. Salted cod with almond crust and Thai satay sauce. Eddie's enormous (but short-lived arctic char).

Icelandic breakfast of cold-cuts, cheese, prunes, kiwi, wheat toast, cottage cheese and pickled herring. Icelandic trout (more Asian-inspired fusion cuisine). Kangaroo (really, it was quite a bit too salty). Salted cod with a Thai chili sauce (Asian in a little top-hat, no less).

Footnote: We really got tired of Asian-inspired fusion cuisine. If you go to Iceland, either eat the bar-food and put up with the ciagrette smoke, or bring your wallet and chop-sticks.


Sandi said...

I saw one or two things I might eat on that page of "gastronomic delights".

The bread pudding looked good, the fish with shrimp & butter sause, salad.

Pickled herring for breakfast? Ick! Pickled herring anytime - ick! That poor kangaroo! What is black sausage? Is it like the blutwurst they made in Germany?

Scott said...

The bread pudding was actually prettier than it tasted. It was rather bland.

The fish and prawns were delicious, as was the salad.

The pickled herring was not bad, actually. But it's a developed taste. And Eddie, our little reincarnated cat, loved it. He ate like six pieces of it for breakfast. He is quite the fish eater.

Kangaroo is pretty common in Iceland, so I tried it, and it was really unimpressive. Just tasted like tough and overly salty pork.

Black sausage is blood pudding which is blutwurst. They're all congealed blood in a sausage casing. And I love it. It's quite good.

Adolfo said...

Nice pictures Scott!
I must agree with Sandi,the fish w/ shrimp looks Yummy! I bet that was Eddie's.
We can't wait to see all of you in Bloomer!

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