Monday, July 24, 2006

Scotland and Iceland -- Architectural Tour

In my conclusion to the Scotland and Iceland series, here's a final (And there was much rejoicing!) set of photos highlighting the unique and interesting architecture (both new and old) found in the two countries.


Unknown Blair Castle between Glasgow and Aviemore. Train bridge at the Hermitage. Kirk in Forres. The beautiful downtown of Forres. The Nelson monument tower in Forres.

Victorian house in Aviemore. Cairngorm Hotel in Aviemore. Kirk used in Monarch of the Glen series on BBC. The very ancient Castle Roy. Castle Urquhart.

Inverness Castle. Kirk in Inverness. Ancient (replica) hut at Culloden. Pictish stone circles near Culloden. Kirk in Elgin.

Glen Moray Distillery. Whisky storage house through a glass cask full of spirit. Castle Eilean Donan. Manor house and castle ruins on Skye. Castle Armadale of the Donald Clan on Skye. Modern day home of Clan Donald chief on Skye.

Unknown Aldourie Castle on Loch Ness (neat picture taken through binoculars). Bridge near the Clunnie Inn. Town square in Glasgow. Wallace monument in Stirling. Stirling Castle.

Train station sky-light in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle. Greyfriar's Kirk. Buildings on the Royal Mile. Holyrood Palace.

Parliament Building in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle.


Hotel Centrum in Reykjavík. Building in Reykjavík. Big Lutheran church in Reykjavík.


Sandi said...

Loved the pictures. Dad & i still talk about that castle across Loch Ness. I never thought of taking a picture thru binoculars. Certainly gives you a better view of it!

JamesF said...

This may seem obvious, but the cityscape pictures that were taken on the clearer days look really nice. The overcast kind of kills some of the shots. But the one with the clouds in the background are just really good pictures.

Scott said...


I agree totally. I didn't touch (using Picasa) any of the cloudy ones, but I think I could pull the building into the forefront a bit if I used the "fill light" feature.

The overcast days are tough for the smaller camera's lens aperture, and one of the reasons I want to buy your camera.

That said, I'm glad you like the bright ones. I really like them too. It's really tough, in Scotland, to get those sunny days. Most of them are cloudy.

rinse said...

Your unknown castle:

Scott said...

rinse: Thank you! You're absolutely right, and I will update my blog! Good eye!

As to the unknown castle on Loch Ness, I'm still looking for an answer on that one! Might be worth another trip back to Scotland to investigate! <grin>

rinse said...

Loch Ness Castle:

It looks a bit like this one, I'm not
sure though

Scott said...

rinse: I do believe you've got it!! The castle looks similar, though from the pictures, it's hard to tell because one is a shot of the front of the castle (the link you sent me) and one is a shot of the rear of the castle (my photo). However, if you read the text on the Aldourie site, it says, "Aldourie Castle is located north of Dores, on the east shore of Loch Ness. 8 miles south-west of Inverness, on the B862." And this is exactly where I took the photo. It must be the right castle. I'd put money on it!

rinse said...

Well the first one is pretty famous round here - so that was easy :-)
On further reflection the Loch Ness one is definately Aldourie.

Glad to be of help

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