Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not too much going on

After returning from our trip, we're still decompressing and getting back to normal life. This weekend, we didn't commit to anything, we just took it easy and stayed home. As such, I don't have much to report that is blog-worthy, so I'll keep this short.

I've just finished the videos for Scotland and Iceland, and I will have those posted in the coming week. I'm glad to have them done. MS MovieMaker is a great program for the price (free), but it is depserately slow on my laptop, buggy (it occasionally hangs and has to be restarted), and somewhat limited in capabilities. But it's free, which makes up for a lot. That said, I spent the whole weekend finishing the movies, and they took much more of my time than I really would have liked.

Apart from that, we did make a significant purchase. We decided to swap out our 13 year old washer and dryer set (which still work perfectly, but use so much water) with new LG front-load models.

The water prices in our town keep going up and up and up, and the old washer we have uses about 30 gallons per cycle. Compare that against the LG washer, which claims a 7 gallon per cycle figure! Considering Becky does about 20 cycles every week, that's about 460 gallons per week! These units should pay for themselves in a year or two at that rate. Add to that the fact that the new washers also claim to clean better than the old ones.

We got a pretty good deal on them too. The units aren't cheap... about $2500 for the pair. But Home Depot had several specials. First, 10% off, so that's $250 off. Not bad. Then, with the purchase over a thousand, we got a $200 giftcard (which I will definitely use sometime in the future). Plus, we got a rebate on the $55 installation charge, so it's installed for free essentially. Not bad. We were going to buy them anyway, so it's great that we got about 500 bucks back in the deal. Just makes amortizing the cost of the washers a little quicker.

LG models WM2688HWM and DLE8377WM

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