Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pictures from Grandpa's Funeral

Here are some photos from Grandpa's funeral. Coming soon, I will get Grandpa's 80th Birthday Book scanned in and Olech's speech put on here. Come back soon and look for those.

But for now, enjoy some of these wonderful pictures. It was great to see everybody again. Glad to see all those babies! Grandpa would be so proud!

Pictures from the funeral home. I really liked the poster.

Dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Olech is trying to corrupt his neice Corry!
In the first picture in this set, the people are, from front left back to rear, and back up to the right: Warren Harris, Sandi Guier Harris, Terry Guier, Heather (Olech's gal), Olech Guier, Mike Harris, Carroll Harris, Cooper Harris (baby, not shown), Matt Payne, Deachi Guier Payne, Callyn Payne (baby, not shown), Jimmy Dautrich, Corry Dautrich (baby), Merrick Guier Dautrich, Bob Guier, and Viola Guier.

The VFW did a splendid job at the funeral. The funeral was done with full veteran honors, a 21 gun salute, and when Taps played off in the distance, I lost it big time. It sounded so far off, so lonely. It just seems to grind into you that this event has really happened, and he's really gone. But it sounds so pretty at the same time. Grandpa deserved a burial with full honors, and he got it.

It was nice of some of the Harris clan to show up. Aunt Pam and Aunt Nina showed, and we visited the graves of Grandpa and Grandma Harris as well.

Since I don't get to Ponca City much, I took some touristy pictures. These are of the Pioneer Woman, the refinery at Conoco, and the oil tanks. Believe it or not, these photos evoke a strong nostalgia in me. Ponca's always been the closest place I can call a hometown.

Finally, we wrapped it up with a nice luncheon at Terry's sister, Marta. Everyone got to visit, and we really enjoyed each other. It's a shame it takes a funeral to get us all together each time.
Pictured in the first picture are the grandkids of Kenneth Guier, counter-clockwise from front left: Merrick Guier Dautrich, Deachi Guier Payne, Charlene Guier, Kim Guier Drieth, Scott Harris, Mike Harris, and Olech Guier.
Pictured in the last picture are just some of the great-grandkids of Kenneth Guier, counter-clockwise from the baby in black: Callyn Payne, Dalton Drieth, Danika Guier, Corry Dauthrich, and Cooper Harris.


This one is my personal favorite. It just seems to sum up how special these two people were to each other. Grandpa Kenneth and Grandma Viola Guier both look so happy together here. These two really had something very special between them. God bless them both:


Anonymous said...

Scott - Thank you for taking the time to set this up so those of us who couldn't be their could have their time to remember Uncle Kenny. We Washington Guier's loved it when he came to visit. My boys were young but they remeber their Great Uncle Kenny from that visit. When we came to visit a few years later they were proud to find their pictures at Uncle Kenny's.

Carol (Abernathy) Baker

Anonymous said...

Scott, The pix are really great... I only wish I could have been there, too... and a chance to get a little better acquited with more of my _mid-West family. I know I met most of you when I came through with Mother and Daddy.... "way back" in '82... my two, Lara and Ryan, were only 5 and 7 then. The only thing I can suggest to "improve" on your site.... NAMES! I can pick out faces and say... yup... that's a Guier... but I can't lay a single name on anybody! :( It's sad, to see the passing of one more member of my Dad's family... and a whole slew of cousins I never got to really know, so far away. My Dad was...btw.... Walt Guier... Your Dad, my Uncle Kenny,and my Dad looked so much alike; and I remember from the vistit... how their laughter sounded alike, too! That great booming belly laugh. Thanks again, for sharing.
Kathy (Guier) Kincaid

Scott said...

Good idea about the names. I will label the pictures for those of you who are more distant relatives. Nice to hear from all of you!!!

Deachi said...

Scott the pictures were great! Thanks for putting this together. I love the picture of Grandpa and Viola at the end. They both look so happy!
It was good to see you. Hopefully we will see you soon.

Matt, Deachi and Calyn

olech guier said...

Scott thank you for doing all that you did at the funeral by speaking before me. It was good to hear some of the things you said and it was so heartwarming to know that somebody else got to share in his warmth and love for his grandchildren. It was so good to see the whole family again. I already miss you guys.

Olech L. Guier

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott! Love seeing all the pics...I'll have to figure out how to get mine off the new camera. It was great seeing you....we need to get together again soon....and it doesn't have to be for a wedding or funeral! We need to do it "just because" Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having your mother send this to me. As you can see I forwarded it on to all of the nieces and nephews that I had an email address for.

I especially liked your tribute to Grandpa, I'm sure he would have been thrilled to read it.

I am surprised more didn't comment on it. Of course the Washingtonians didn't know him well. My family got to know him better than most since he spent a month with us at one time.

Thanks agin Aunt Peggy Abernathy

Anonymous said...

Scott, thanks for giving us these pics and all the memories of my Uncle Ken and his family. Sorry I could not be there to say farewell. I'll miss his monolog, my Uncle Ken had a great one and don't know if I ever got to hear the whole thing, took months for him to finish it and start over. I did enjoy my infrequent visits with him a lot. Kathy is right, our Dads did look like brothers.

Tom Guier

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