Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All my videos now live on Google

I've put all my home movies onto Google Video. This will allow better distribution for family members, especially those with slow internet connections. It also provides me with one more form of archival backup. To view the entire set of my work so far, just click the link below. Save this link, or bookmark it, save it as a shortcut, write it down, and visit it often! Drumroll, please. And now, THE LINK:

Search for "Scott E. Harris" on Google Video

The following video, called "Four Songs" is one of the boys goofing around, singing four pretty random songs that came into their head. I love it for its "unfinished" quality. The boys are in their pajamas, and were in a performing mood (which is rare), so we had this impromptu concert. Luke was really big into Star Wars, and Eddie was doing folk music at school.

It shows how beautifully Eddie can sing, and even when he forgets the words, his voice is gorgeous. (Notice how pure and clean his singing is on the Chicken Dance bridge.) And also notice how much of an imp Luke can be during this beautiful solo.

Precious stuff from these two very wild boys! The perfect Eddie and Luke moment!

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