Friday, September 23, 2005

Luke's First Lost Tooth

Luke has lost his first tooth! He was so excited. The tooth was really wiggly, and he's been playing with it all week. We read a book tonight called, "My Loose Tooth," and Luke was ready to give it a try--pulling it out, that is.

It didn't take long. I tried tying some floss around it and giving it a yank, but Luke has a really small mouth, like his Grandpa Warren. So I couldn't get the floss in there, and I kept getting slobbered on. Finally, I just used a kleenex and pulled it out. It bled for a bit, but stopped pretty quickly. Luke was very brave. And he's thrilled to have a new hole in his head!

Luke can't wait for the tooth fairy! The tooth fairy is going to bring him a golden dollar coin for his tooth. I'm sure our little miser is already up there in his bed counting his money!

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