Friday, September 16, 2005

What's in your speedo?

I really enjoy watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Most of their stuff is really funny, and almost always spot-on. But for just slap your leg, roll on the floor hilarious, my favorite has got to be "Battle of the Bulge" by Ed Helms.

As an avid masters swimmer, I'm always catching greif from the guys in the office for wearing speedos. This clip is liberating!

Click here for video clip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott, I was wondering if you remember a bit from The Daily Show where either Stephen Colbert (or one of the other correspondents) wore a blue speedo 'camera'. It showed a pov from 'down there' and was hilarious..Do you know what episode I'm referring to?
I'd appreciate any info you may have..


Scott said...

Hi Tess,

It's in this very post. Just click on the picture.


Scott said...

I guess Comedy Central took the video down. It's a shame too, because it was really funny.

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