Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I love the Tire Shop in Leesburg. They are great. My father always said that if you find an honest woman, marry her! The same is true for an honest mechanic! I feel like I'm married to the Tire Shop! (And happily at that!)

I also have a friggin' fleet of vehicles: the 93 Ford Ranger, the 95 Saturn, the 97 Chrysler Town & Country, and now a 05 Hyundai Elantra. Yeah, they know me real well at the Tire Shop. I'm always there for an oil change at least. But with the older three vehicles, all over 100,000 miles, yeah, they love me a lot.

Gwen, who works the front desk, is always teasing me that I'm like "Norm" on Cheers. I walk into the shop, and everyone yells out a friendly, "Scott!" Whether it's a restaurant or a car mechanic, I love being recognized by name.

So the peak moment occurred today when my wife went in to trade out the van for the Saturn. The Saturn had been dropped off in the night-drop box, and we were dropping off the van at the time we were picking up the Saturn. So Becky tells me that there's this new kid working the front desk; Gwen is on the phone with another customer next to him.

My wife tries to put the van in for the oil change, and the new kid says, "Sorry, but we're all full for oil changes tomorrow."

At this point, Gwen stops what she is doing, and corrects the boy, "Hon, we have room for Scott." (She even recognized my wife!) Yeah, first class treatment, even for an oil change!

Life is good.

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