Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chesapeake Bay Swim and Civil War History Night

Saturday night, we did an event at Antietam Battlefield, at the old field headquarters of General McClellan.  The home served as a field hospital during the Civil War, and a bunch of retired military officers hold an annual event there to commemorate the spot.

We provided the whisky, while others provided cigars, folklore, and food.  It was a really great night, and though I am not a smoker, I did enjoy the scent of cigars wafting in on the light evening breeze.

Then, this morning, a bunch of folks from our Masters Swim Team and I took off and did the Chesapeake Bay Swim (1 miler).  It was a splendid day for the swim, and it was a great excuse to enjoy some bloody mary's after the swim!

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