Friday, June 08, 2012

Camping Photos and Luke's Scouting

Haven't had much time to maintain the blog lately, but I do want to share a few photos and updates. In the update category, the boys are both finishing school for the summer today, and are very excited at the prospects of letting their brains rot for the next three months.

As the year ended, they had a bunch of tests and exams. The highlight for Eddie was his musical examinations, for which he scored very well (Superior rating, and with honors), and for Luke, on his reading SOLs, he scored a perfect score in vocabulary, comprehension and overall, with his reading level as the highest level, or PHS (post-high-school). So that is good. We got good kids who are smart. Obviously a chip off their mother's block, as I'm just good for making whiskey.

We went camping a few days ago, and here are some of my photos from the event. We had a really nice time, until the heavens opened up and we floated down the river.

Finally, a photo of Luke at his Scouting Court of Honor. He achieved the rank of Second Class, and is well on his way to achieving First Class. Should he obtain First Class, he will surpass my own achievements in scouting, and I believe he is well on his way. At this particular meeting, he also received the Robotics, Electricity, Nuclear Science, and Citizenship merit badges, which already eclipses my one lone merit badge, Basket Weaving. (I swear I am not making that up!)

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