Monday, November 21, 2011

Shanghai Day Two - Expo Set Up

The main purpose of my visit to Shanghai was to support the USDA and DISCUS booth at the FHC 2011 food expo.  This is an expo highlighting imported foods into China, and our job was to promote American craft spirits.

On the day before the expo, there was mass chaos as vendors and crews worked furiously to set up their booths.  Having been at these types of events before as a vendor, I know that the set up usually is pretty messy stuff, and always gets straightened out at the eleventh hour.

After visiting the expo and getting our exhibitor credentials, we headed to the M1NT bar, a very exclusive club in a rooftop setting in downtown Shanghai.  There, we poured our spirits for a variety of press, restaurateurs  and local liquor distributors.

I could hardly believe that I was standing there, halfway around the world, pouring Catoctin Creek spirits in the most exclusive club in China.

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