Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shanghai Day Three - Expo and Shanghai Nightlife

On day three, we had to man the booth and pour spirits for the clientèle of the expo.  I had a morning shift (8am to noon), so it was pretty slow, as most people don't want to sample straight whiskey before lunchtime.

That lull did afford us some time to explore the tradeshow, which was immense!  Three halls, each as big as Dulles Airport's main terminal, all filled with coffee, ice cream, pizza, wine, beer, you name it!

After a half day at the show, we had a small group of us head over to the Science Museum to explore the Fake Market, where you can buy cheap Chinese knock-offs of name brand merchandise.  I picked up a "Louis Vuitton" bag for Eddie, some jade earrings for Becky, and a Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) soccer jersey for Luke.  All fake, but all very nice fakes.

Finally, after this, it was time for dinner and the nightlife.  Dinner was a Lost Heaven, a traditional (but high end) Chinese restaurant. 

We then headed to a local jazz club called Brown Sugar, where the Chicago-based jazz band played some pretty righteous tunes while we sipped our cocktails on the private balcony deck--avoiding the crush of twenty-somethings down below.  After about 30 minutes of this, I remembered that I was over 40, and that the club beat was piercing my skull like an ice-pick, and grabbed a cab home with the other fogies in the group.

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