Friday, August 05, 2011

Fun at the Bloomer Fun Fair

Last night began the Bloomer Fun Fair, so we headed over to check it out. The whole gang is up here now, Chuck and Adolfo arrived earlier this week. After visiting with Great Grandpa John, Ruth and Steve, we headed over to the fairgrounds.

For his birthday (41, can you believe it?!), Chuck received a very dashing pair of Spock ears, which he insisted on wearing at the fair.  (There were many strange looks... but we're fine with that.)

Eddie is always a sucker for a car show, and picked out a nice little GM hybrid for his "first car."  Apparently, he thought I was buying.

What is a county fair without chickens?  I particularly like this one, the Rick James of chickens.

Luke was awestruck by the rides, so Uncle Chuck ponied up $25 for a sheet of tickets.

The first ride was "The Zipper".  Chuck agreed to ride with Luke, while the rest of us bravely watched from the ground.

As the ride started, Chuck and Luke were all "whoo-hoo-ing" themselves silly and rocking their cage madly.  But then, Luke said, halfway through the ride, Chuck stopped "whoo-hoo-ing" and started to just breath very deeply.  Chuck was silent the rest of the ride.  The Zipper couldn't end soon enough for him at this point.

It's a brave face, but he really wanted to hurl.

The next ride was the UFO.  This time, Becky and Adolfo agreed to be victims for this ride with Luke.

And the after effects of the ride... of course, Luke was fine.  Maybe you can't say the same for the rest of the crew, but I think they had fun!

Adolfo and Chuck finally recovered.  Looking very dapper here.

Our last ride was the Ferris Wheel.  I figured this was one I could handle, so Eddie and I went up the wheel.  We got some nice photos from the top, but Eddie yelled at me every time I tipped the cart over craning to get a photo.

Finally, here is a video that Luke took from the bottom of the Ferris Wheel.

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