Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Underwear Murderer

Now that Luke has an ipod, he and his buddies have started making movies.  This is their first "attempt", filled eleven-year-old comedy gems like kicks in the crotch, nose-picking, and Justin Bieber. Reminds me of when I was Luke's age and recorded my own radio drama: Stereo Scott.

Luke and I spent a few hours this weekend building the movie from the raw clips. It will be good if he learns a little about how to use the movie making program to do these, certainly a more useful skill than just playing FIFA World Cup on his ipod day and night.

My favorite parts in the video are at 0:55 and 1:05 when Luke's friend throws the football and beams both Luke and Ethan on the head.  The kid has amazing accuracy!

Enjoy the video:

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