Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stereo Scott!!! Digitally remastered!

Oh, Jeez. Deep from the bowels of history... The year is 1986, and this is what one 15 year old kid, a stereo with dual mic inputs, and a houseful of friends can do with a little too much free time on our hands.

I had long ago lost my tape, but thanks to Tammy Butler Gammill, and the magic of Facebook, I received the tape in the mail! I ripped it to MP3, cleaned it up a bit, and here it is!

Listening to this little "Radio Drama" is physically painful, but.... May I present...

Stereo Scott's First Adventure:

and the sequel, Stereo Scott's Haunted Adventure:

For those of you who the audio players don't work, you can download the MP3's here:
  1. Stereo Scott's First Adventure - MP3 download
  2. Stereo Scott's Haunted Adventure - MP3 download

Cast included:

Tim Jordan, Leigh Ann Kilpatrick, Leda Mae Ruth Bartlett, David Morgan, Tammy Butler, Kathy Morgan, Andy Shurden, Mike Harris and myself. (Did I forget anyone?)

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