Saturday, March 05, 2011

Winter Camp Out

This weekend was our final Webelos camp-out. A March camp-out can be dicey... it could rain, snow, be windy, and generally miserable. We got off pretty lucky. The sky was clear and the wind was not much, so as long as we had our warm sleeping bags, we'd be fine.

The boys had a great time. We ate foil dinners, an Eagle Scout showed the boys how to make peach cobbler in a dutch oven on the hot coals, and we had eggs, bacon, sausage and juice for breakfast. Wrapping up the camp-out, we hiked to Franklin Park and back, about a three mile hike.

Pretty great one-nighter. Here are some photos.

Above, that's Kyle, Adam, George, William, Sam, Luke (gagging) and Ethan with the shillelagh.  (Tom and Dennis in the back.)

This is how eleven year old boys show their love for each other.

Matt, an Eagle Scout from Troop 961, can be seen tending our fire in the back.  He helped the boys learn their Outdoorsman material.

Fairly respectable photo of the boys, and totally boring compared to the ones before.

We had a nice fire in the Caldas family fire ring.

Sleeping and dining accommodations for the night.  The boys were in the green tent, and I had the yellow one to myself!  Ahh... the luxury.

Some of the moms and the sisters and brothers were hanging about before the camp out started.

Dennis was our instructor for all things rope-tying this weekend.

Actually, a rather cool photo, I think.

And in between activities, constant soccer (this one a bit rugby enhanced, as you can see).

There we are, more traditional soccer.

A rather cool photo of our dutch ovens. One contained a peach cobbler, the other apple cobbler. Both were incredibly delicious!

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