Monday, February 28, 2011

Eddie's Piano Recital

Here are a couple of videos from Eddie's piano recital. He's still practicing "Matador" and "Avalance" for his festival performance later this year.

I must apologize for the videos. Becky is a super-woman in many things (and I am grateful for all of them), but she is crap for taking videos. Remind her as I might, she always forgets to start the video until the music is halfway through. (Gnashes teeth.)


Grandpa Warren said...

Very nice Eddie. But, could you at least smile when you end a song? If I could do what you do, I would be very proud and would sport a beaming smile after such a great accomplishment.

Becky, I am sorry my son picks on you. I thought you did great also. You held the camera a lot steadier than he does and you didn't hoop and holler at the end of the show. Keep up the good work!

sandih1024 said...

Eddie, you play so beautifully! All of your hard work is paying off. Is it the Matador that Miss Verdily wants you to practice playing as rapidly as you can? I listening to you play.

Becky, I'm not sure what Scott's issues were with your filming. I thought it was great!!!!!

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