Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pre-Guitar Recital Legalities

Tomorrow, Luke has a guitar recital... his first.  We're all very excited, but perhaps Luke knows me too well.  Tonight, he thrust the following under my nose and waved a pen at me until I was forced to sign it.

Notice that he said nothing of waving a lighter and yelling "Freebird!" at the event... unless that is predictably rowdy behavior.

The kid is really cramping my style.

Click the below image to read it more clearly:


Grandpa Warren said...

This is a hoot! I guess he hasn't forgiven you yet for walking him to the school bus in your Kilt. Poor boy, he has such a burden to bear. A father that will embarrass him at every opportunity. Way to go Luke!

sandih1024 said...

This child is too smart for his own good. I knew we were all in trouble when he challenged my opinion of the Mexican restaurant that Nathan & Josh took me to!

Merrick said...


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