Monday, December 13, 2010

Luke's Weekend Section

I love reading Luke's schoolwork.  He has an amazingly clear view of things:

The Weekend Section: The Udvar-Hazy Center
Luke Harris

The Udvar-Hazy field trip was so amazing. Everything was great, except for the prices of food, but we will come to that later. I finally got to ride on a simulator. I liked it a lot. I got to see the Atoll and Sidewinder missiles, I did my report on them. The SR-71 Blackbird was cool, but my favorite thing about it was that over to the side there was a video of it transforming in the Transformers: Rise of the Fallen movie. The Enola Gay was way bigger then I ever thought that it would be. I got to see a cool racing plane called the “Nemesis”. Little Stinker was hung upside down in the main entrance, how cool is that? I have seen the Enterprise before, and it was just as grand as before. I liked listening to reports way better than going around reading the signs, I mean who does that?

Now about that McDonald's. They charged me $8 for a quarter pounder w/ cheese. The gift shop was good, but it was expensive too. The class that we went to was cool, but it wasn't the highlight of my trip. I didn't know that the wing shape was called an airfoil.

The IMAX movie that we saw was called Blue Planet. I liked it, but in one part they showed people burning down forests for farm land. Do you know what was in those forests? Monkeys. Do you know what was happening to those monkeys? That's right, they were dying.

Other than that one sad part in the movie, the Udvar-Hazy center is a must-go!

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