Saturday, October 02, 2010

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Luke had a really good day. He started out with a win for his soccer match, his team beating the other team 4-1. This win puts their record to 4-0, a perfect season so far!

After the game, we headed to the pet store to pick up a small aquarium for Luke's new pets-- some Madagascar hissing cockroaches. (Yeah, I know, but they are really low maintenance.)

Later, we headed over to the bowling alley and played three games. (I was two pins shy of a turkey... two pins!) 

And after bowling, a dinner at the Kobe Steakhouse. We allowed Luke to get the filet mignon, and he polished it off handily.

After dinner, we picked up a birthday cookie.

Last thing I heard him say... "I'm so happy!"  Awesome day!!

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