Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Back to School

The boys went back to school today.  We have very high expectations for both this year.  Eddie is in 7th grade, and Luke is in 5th!  (Where DOES the time go?)

Luke scored a big win with Mr. Jenkins, who is one of the coolest teachers in his school.  Mr. Jenkins won a prestigious teacher-of-the-year award from the Commonwealth a year or two ago, so we're thrilled to get Luke into his class.

Eddie seemed pretty pleased with his teachers too, especially one who uses an invisible friend as an alter-ego.  Eddie thought he was quite nuts!

Already, just the first day, and we have some schoolwork coming home.  Here is an amazing sketch of a cockroach that Luke did in Mr. Jenkins' class today.  (Mr. Jenkins' keeps LIVE Madagascar cockroaches in his room and the kids got to handle and inspect them!)

After the sketch is another piece of Luke's writing--clever and entertaining.

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