Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Chip Off the Ol' Block

Yesterday evening, as we were wrapping up dinner, Becky was instructing Luke to go upstairs and get into the tub.  She wanted him, though, not to fill the tub to the brim (as is his and Eddie's habit), trying to get the boys to conserve water.

She told him, "Only fill it four or five inches. That's all you need."

But the concept of four or five inches wasn't coming through to Luke.  She demonstrated with her hand, "Like one hand deep.  That's all the water you need for a tub," holding her hand up to Luke, holding it sideways, upright, sideways again... the poor kid was getting even more confused.

So I stepped in.  "As a man, let me suggest that you need to fill the water enough to cover 'the business.'  It is not comfortable to be in a tub if 'the business' is not covered."  Luke and I made eye contact on this, with instant recognition coming between us.

Becky conceded, "OK, enough water to cover your 'business'.  That is fine."

At which Luke asked, "So, about two feet then?"

That's my boy!

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