Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loudoun District Chorus

Here is Eddie's performance in the Loudoun District Chorus.  The kids did spectacularly... just amazing.  We really enjoyed this concert, and especially seeing them have so much fun with it too.


Nana said...

The kids did a wonderful job. They sounded like a chorus of angels. Good Job EDDIE!

I wish my computer would play the recording without having to stop every 5 seconds to re-load!

Adolfo said...

Great job Eddie! You rock!
Knowing how creative you are, you might want to start thinking about some biz.
If I had your talent, I would write some cool short piano composition (like no more than two mins) and hey! maybe selling them for like a buck.
I recently posted a video on my blog of my swim. I was looking for a nice piece of music, and fortunately I found out that my Mac had some music for me to use. But I thought at the time I was editing the video: "I wish there could be a place on the net where I can get a nice short composition for like .50 cent of a buck to choose from" That's because a lot sites such as facebook and youtube might remove your video if do you do not own the rights (or pay) of the music you use.
It should be fun. And rewarding too!
Well done Eddie. Keep up the good work.

We love you and miss you.

PS Maybe Luke can join you with his guitar! He is talented too. Man, you guys are talented!

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