Monday, November 30, 2009

Eddie's Liberian Pen Pal

I am cross-posting this from Eddie's blog because I like it so much. This is Eddie's first response from his pen pal letter to Bromley Episcopal Mission School in Clay Ashland, Liberia (click the link for a cool interactive map of the town, including photos taken by our former rector, Chris Cunningham).

The letter is from a girl named Patience Wright, aged 13 and in the fifth grade. She's just about the same age as Eddie. She notes on the outside of her letter, "Please write me back"!

Eddie wrote her back immediately with a nice letter about his family, his friends, and of course, his pug! He sent her a dollar in the hopes that she might send him one of hers, and they could exchange money for their collections. He noted in his letter, "Don't try to spend it there because it only works in America." (Well, at least it does for now.)

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