Monday, August 17, 2009

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Today, we took a day trip to Scranton, home of the Steamtown National Historic Site. This was an impressive National Park Service museum full of old rusting, newly repaired, and historic trains. The boys enjoyed the 30 minute ride through Scranton, and exploring all the old trains. The museum had one locomotive which had been sliced open to show the inner workings--this was particular interesting.

After the train museum, we headed over to the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour to go 250 feet down below the ground to explore what was once a working coal mine. The mine still had plenty of coal, but with the price of oil so cheap, it was no longer economical to mine the coal.

For those of you wondering, "Where's Nana in all these pictures?", she opted to stay above-ground for the coal mine tour, and she skipped the train tour because she thought it would be boring. So I don't have any photos of Nana so far on this trip.

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