Monday, August 17, 2009

Bushkill Falls

It's our final vacation of the summer. This year our vacation is in the Poconos, about an hour west of New York City.

The hotel where we're staying is "just okay" at best. The place is really overcrowded with noisy Jersey-ites, overweight guys named Guido with their large families, and money-laundering Rabbis. The entire hotel is poorly lit and decorated in left-over eighties magenta and emerald wallpaper. The indoor pool, which doesn't even open until 10 AM, is a disgusting murky green. The pizza parlor at the hotel is woefully understaffed, taking over 30 minutes just to place your order at the counter, and another 30 minutes before your food arrives.

Needless to say, we aren't spending a whole lot of time at the hotel.

But the surrounding area is really nice. We headed off to see Bushkill Falls yesterday. There, we found a pretty challenging hike up and around the famous Bushkill Falls. We must have ascended and descended several hundred feet through the hike. While at the bottom near the falls, the air was intensely hot and humid. But once we got to the top of the falls, a very welcome cool breeze appeared. There must have been twenty degrees difference between the bottom and the top of the falls!

After visiting the falls, we headed over to the Barley Creek Brewing Company to quench our thirst and satisfy our hunger. The food was quite good, and we all enjoyed the old Harris family trick of getting Nana to try the beer! This is always good for a few laughs.

I enjoyed all of their beers here except the light ale, which they brewed similar to a Bud Light, and of course, the India Pale Ale, which has so much hops in it that to me, it tastes like cologne. But the Navigator Golden Ale and the Octoberfest Seasonal were quite good.

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