Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Live Blogging the Journey Home, Day Two -- 5:30pm

Yay! My family is home!! So happy to have them back from a very extended vacation!

On the good side, they return home safe and sound to a house that is spotlessly clean, and very ready for their return. On the bad side, however, there isn't a scrap of food to be found in the kitchen. I spent most of last week nibbling on whatever I could find in the fridge or pantry. I suppose in some ways, it was a useful method of cleaning the fridge and pantry--having me stay home alone for three weeks. Every egg is gone; we haven't had milk in the fridge for weeks. Hell, I even ate the old can of sardines in the back of the closet--the one dated before Luke was born.

It's not that I can't cook--I can--but it's just no fun cooking for one.

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