Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Snakebite Update

Update from Chuck after "Fun with Reptiles"

Chuck: One week later: hives.

Adolfo: Holy! I just noticed the pic at the moment Chuck was getting the bite!! WOW!

Chuck: Scott takes excellent pictures. When the action gets heavy, he just keeps right on snapping. Thanks for capturing this, Scott! My first snakebite... hard to believe I didn't get one when I was a kid. But let this be a lesson to everyone -- you can live your dream.

Scott: OK, that one had me laughing like an idiot in my office this morning. Well said! I hope the hives settle down. Now that I think about it, you probably have sensitive skin like your sister.

Chuck: Are you kidding me?!? I hope it leaves a scar. That would be so cool!

"What's that mark on your hand?"
"Oh my god! How did that happen?"
>shrug< "Happens."

When it comes down to it, I want to be Liev Schreiber.

Scott: LOL!

Scott (to Becky): Your brother is hilarious.

Becky: Chuck - I am sure that you could aid in the scarring process by rubbing the hives briskly with salt and hot pepper sauce. Although that is just off the top of my head - you could find more effective assistance online I don't doubt.....

Chuck: Ah, but that wouldn't be >authentic<. Much better if I just scratch it like crazy with dirty fingernails and hope for the best. And I have a better answer than "happens" [and the line should be wheezed like Clint Eastwood]:

"I got careless."


Chuck said...

Snake says "sheesh, can't that guy take a hint?"

Mom said...

Scott could always photoshop the picture & turn it into a "Black Mambo" or something that would have a much better story than a king snake!

Warren said...

I heard the snake died??

Chuck said...

No, don't tell me the snake died... I would be so sad. Especially if I didn't get to eat it, or wear it.

Scott said...

I think Dad was busting on you... kinda funny actually!

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