Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Yardwork

Today marks the first day that Eddie mowed the grass by himself. I had him do the front, back, and both side yards. I only did the steep hillside by myself because I don't think Eddie has the upper body strength to handle the mower on the steep slope.

Eddie did a fine job, considering it was his first time. He cut a few corners, but much better than I expected. Plus, I think he really enjoyed the job.

Luke was a big help too, edging, sweeping, and raking up the grass piles. It sure made the work go quicker, having these two strong boys to help me.


Mom said...

Wow! What is your secret to motivating them? I had 2 strong boys also, but the were whiners & procrastinators when it came to helping with yard work. It was easier to do it myself!

Scott said...

Now, Mom, you know that's not true, or else you have selective memory. :-)

I spent a LOT of time on that mower in Kansas and Mississippi, and Michael even made a business out of mowing. I'll grant you, we didn't enjoy all the nagging about how good a job we did with edging or with sweeping afterward. I believe the secret to getting them to do it willingly, is not to be too much of a perfectionist about the quality job they're doing. They're going to miss spots, but that's okay, because at least they're helping. I can always play clean-up when they're done.

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