Monday, March 23, 2009

Eddie's Science Fair Project

Eddie is working on his science fair project. He chose to do an experiment where he adds various weights to a foam glider, and sees how it affects the distance the glider can fly. The results were quite surprising. The glider flew better with two pounds loaded than it did with one, three, four or five pounds extra weight. Of course, it flew best with no additional weight.


uncle mike said...

Cool Experiment Eddie!! Let us know how you do... I know for my science fair, I had to make improvements if I moved on to another level. Just curious if you looked at weight distribution as a factor. I noticed you placed the weight under the wings. Wondering if you spread it out more if the would make a difference? Just a goofy uncle asking questions... But Great job!!

Nana said...

Great project Eddie. It was always hard for me to find subjects for my projects. We usually wound up with Grandpa Guier helping us make a magnet with an electrical charge - I think they were mostly scouting projects.

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