Monday, March 16, 2009

Goodbye, Jade

Yesterday, among all the hub-bub of having four boys in the house all weekend, we also had to endure the death of Eddie's pet hamster.

All week, Jade had been getting weaker. She finally passed in the night on Saturday night. Eddie was pretty upset, but he immediately started lobbying for his new hamster. There was no way I was getting a new hamster, but at first, I didn't want to have that discussion with his pain being so fresh and raw. So I told him, "We'll see."

Well, he certainly wasn't satisfied with the "We'll see", because all day he kept niggling at me, "Maybe my next hamster will be called 'Ivory'." Or, "I'm going to go read the hamster book to pick out my next hamster."

Finally, I had it. I rather brusquely told him, "Eddie, we're not getting another hamster!"

This sent him off crying again, but I was fine with that. He's going to have to get over this one. I'm definitely looking to downsize the number of rodents in my life!

In typical Eddie style, he wrote me an impassioned note, laying it sweetly on my Bible saying,

"Dear Dad, Please can I get another hamster? I promise to take care of it and clean it, or whatever it is that makes you think I can't handle it. Love Eddie."

I thought, Ugh! No more hamsters! But I told him, "You talk to your mother when she gets home."

But I knew that Becky was of the same mindset as me. No more hamsters. No more rodents.

So all last night, Eddie suffered the enormous loneliness of his empty room. It must not have affected him too badly, as he went to sleep before 9:30, pretty usual for him.

So, Goodbye, Jade. You were a nice hamster.

But, no more. I'm done with hamsters.


Matt and Deachi said...

Sorry for your loss!!
Want a turtle?

Scott said...

No thank you!

gaz said...

it's always sad when you lose a much loved and cared for animal.

Mike said...

We haven't broken the news to the kids that our baby doves died over the weekend. the mommy bird never came back Friday night in the rain and I haven't seen movement in them since Saturday night. (we have several nests in and around our carport and front porch)

Merrick said...

I'm with you on this one. Mine haven't asked for any yet, but I'm sure my day will come....still sorry to hear about the loss of Eddie's pet though.

Mom said...

I'm sorry to hear that Eddie's hamster, Jade passed away over the weekend. I know it's sad when your pets die, but I'm with you on an absence of rodents in the house! IS a guinea pig a rodent?

Scott said...

Yes, a guinea pig is a rodent, and they're worse than a G--d--- hamster! We took care of two for a friend during a trip.

From now on, it's just dogs... ONE dog.

Chuck said...

Awwww, poor Eddie... but yeah, enough with the rodentia. Time for the reptiles!

Scott said...

Well, rats do have that reptilian tail! But no thank you to the reptiles either.

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