Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Surprise Weekend

Well, I guess the surprise is out, so I can write about this now. This weekend, Desi and Sharon's family gave Sharon and her twin brother a surprise birthday party in Philly. The biggest part of the surprise was that Becky, Leslie and Pam were all sneaking up there to be at the party. This meant that I was left back here watching the Whelan boys, Eoin and Ronan.

Eoin and Ronan are nice boys, but the four of our kids together can get a little rowdy, so I dumped them off at my church, where for $20 they could get entertained and fed from 5pm til 8pm! What a bargain!

So, putting this time to productive use, I hooked up with Jim at Main Street Wings and watched him torture himself on a half dozen insanely hot D.O.A. spicy wings. Jim will be scheduling his proctologist appointment on Monday, when his colon collapses for all the hot sauce coming out. I mean, that dude is just nuts.

The boys, meanwhile, were really good at the church event, and most gratifying was that even Ronan ate the mac n' cheese dinner they provided. This is always a question with Ronan, who usually exists solely on a diet of Cookie Crisps. (I'm not joking, he really does.) But either the grace of God, or the evil eye of Renee Geiger got some mac n' cheese down his gullet, and I'm thankful for that.

Anyhow, Becky's not due back until later this afternoon, so I'm going to drag all four boys with me to church this morning. We'll all be praying for a safe return of the moms from Philly.

I hope Sharon had a nice party.

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