Friday, March 20, 2009

Cub Scout Cacophony

Tonight's Cub Scout elective was music, and we performed in our own Cub Scout band!

The boys made several instruments: We had a huge pipe organ made from large sections of PVC pipe which we hit with ping-pong paddles for a deep sonorous "whump!" We made a tiny xylophone out of partially filled glasses of water, struck with a plastic knife. We made drums from paint buckets and trash cans, and a cymbal from the trash can lid. We had maracas made from Coke bottles with pebbles in them, and a cowbell made from a tin can! Oh, and we also made a didgeridoo from an old paper tube.

Then, we performed!

Here is "We Will Rock You" brought to you by Den 6 of Pack 39!

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