Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys' Artwork

Here are some cool drawings the boys did yesterday while sitting in church. Clearly, they got quite a lot out of Fr. Tom's sermon. And if I'm being totally honest, I might have helped Luke with the helicopter gunship and the multi-rocket launcher, but I SWEAR I was listening to the sermon. Really.


Mom said...

Great artwork! However, you were never allowed to draw in church, nor was I. We had to sit & endure an hour of very dry, uninspiring sermons. (I'm not putting Father Tom in the same category as the priests from my church.)

Mike said...

So Scott, what was the sermon about?

Scott said...

Eh, something about Mick Jagger and Moses. I forget.

Chuck said...

Uh-oh, Japan vs. US & UK? I have to praise the artwork on the missile battery on the right: very convincing, with the clouds of smoke.

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