Friday, January 30, 2009

The Rule of Law on the High Seas

My boys have gone through a phase lately, where they have a rekindled interest in their Playmobil toys, which for some reason, they refer to as "Clubwagon". (I don't know where the term "Clubwagon" came from, but they've called them that since they were tots.)

Remarkably, both Playmobil and Legos have the unique quality of being the only toys that the boys both play together, and in complete harmony. They will sit down in the basement for hours, playing together with these toys, never fighting, and being very imaginative. It's really nice.

Both boys still had a little money to spend from their Amazon gift cards from Tios Chuck and Adolfo, and so Luke decided to purchase the Playmobil Harbor Police, which was right in his price range, along with the Nintendo DS Age of Empires game that he had already bought.

Eddie was not so thrifty. He picked up the Playmobil catalog and proceeded to highlight over $5000-worth of Playmobil items that he "just had to have." We've been working with him to narrow it down. (This kid is definitely getting a pre-paid limited-balance debit card when he goes to college.)

Finally, Eddie seemed to narrow in on the Playmobil Harbor Family Yacht. He liked it because it has a kitchen, and a bedroom, and even a lavatory. Luke also approved of Eddie's decision, since this meant he could now use his Harbor Police to chase down and arrest everybody on Eddie's ship.

I sarcastically asked Luke if he thought Eddie's ship might be full of pirates.

"No!" he responded, "I'll arrest the hobos!"

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