Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like a lumbering walrus

100 yd FR - 1:23

Oy, it takes a long time to get back to peak form in the water! I used to do this on 1:03!


Adolfo said...

Very good, Scott!
Next time we see you guys, we'll have a friendly match! btw,- are you guys going to paradise's lake (WI) this year?


PS Keep it up!

Dad said...

Looks like you must be swinning again. I'm glad since you always seemed to enjoy it so. And, there probably isn't any other exercise that would be better for you.

On the times, I expect that no human could have followed the Burns dinner with record performances. I'm surprised you could even get out of bed the next day!

mdautrich said...

Lumbering Walrus...hehehe

sharon said...

Actually I think Walrus's swim alot faster than that, they are very quick and agile in the water. In reference to your IM time, at least you can do an IM, it is a pretty good time.

Scott said...

Maybe I can get a mustache like a walrus, and my times will improve. As to the IM time, fly is my fastest stroke by far, but I just have no stamina in it. It EXHAUSTS me!

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