Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa is coming!

Every year this time after dark, I find myself freezing my butt off, stepping out on the porch every 10 minutes or so, straining my ears.

I'm scanning the foggy horizon, looking for tell-tale flashes of light against the sky. I'm listening for the distant sound of sirens.

Hearing none, I walk back inside, and repeat this process again and again.

Until finally, we hear the sirens, and the boys and I spring out of our chairs and rush out the door.

"Santa is coming! Santa is coming!"


Mom said...

Do the firemen drive Santa thru the neighborhoods or is this from your parade?

Scott said...

No this is separate... notice it's at night.

mdautrich said...

That's amazing - he does the same thing in our neighborhood. I don't think he's made it around yet this year. My kids are usually asleep when he comes by, but this year I'm sure they'll LOVE it!

gaz said...

that's cool.
love the olde photo on the previous post btw.

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