Friday, December 19, 2008

More 2008 Christmas Parade Photos

This year, our Purcellville Christmas parade was even better than ever. Heck, I remember in years past, the parade consisted of a few rusty tractors, an old car or two, and the blaring fire trucks at the end. As a spectator, you could count on getting beamed with leftover Halloween candy corn as the vehicles went by. It was quaint and folksy, and had a certain unpolished charm.

But this year, our parade was very much improved. I'm quite sure that our Poker float was the rattiest float in the parade--something I take as a personal point of pride.

I didn't get to see the parade myself (since I was in it), so luckily, my friend Clarence sent me some of his photos. It sure looked like a wonderful parade!

Here are the best of Clarence's photos from the 2008 Purcellville Christmas parade:

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