Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Luke's Joe the Plumber(s)

These guys must have thighs made of Kevlar. A mathematical word problem, by Luke. Click on the image to view fully.

Of course, you'll be wanting that answer. But then, the answer hardly matters after that question!


mdautrich said...

love the thighs! Luke's hilarious.

Mom said...

That is absolutely hysterical!! I'm sure Luke's teacher has never had a child so precocious!

Matt and Deachi said...

This is great! He is so creative!

Rebecca L. said...

I believe it should be Joe(s) the Plumber.....

xxoo Ms Picky

Scott said...

Uggh... you'd think I married an English major, and not a Chemical Engineer.

Grandpa Warren said...

Great job Luke! Just one technicality (I am a little bit of a stickler when it comes to math). On the answer for the number of nails, you wrote 3X5=45 but I know you meant 3X15=45. Sometimes it is hard for the fingers to keep up with the brain when you are putting ideas onto paper.

Great job and originality. When I saw the speedo's I thought it must be your dad!

Adolfo said...

i see now where the comment on the speedo and nails came from.
LOL @ Sandi!
YOU ROCK when it comes to creation/writing. So cool- Oh, man!
The drawings are hilarious, and very explicit... Love them!
Tio Adolfo
PS More stories!

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